Our Ideal Franchise Owner

The Ideal BrightStar Senior Living® Franchise Owner Candidate

A BrightStar Senior Living franchise is an outstanding investment opportunity. That’s why it also takes an outstanding individual to own one. While franchisees will not be involved in day-to-day operations, they do need the skills and leadership qualities to manage the team they put in place to run their community. These include:

  • Good standing in one’s community
  • Meets financial requirements
  • Familiarity with real-estate-based concepts
  • Experience managing leadership teams


“Our ability to offer skilled, personal attention is a valuable differentiator of BrightStar Senior Living. When other senior care organizations have difficulty accommodating complex medical cases, we can confidently say ‘yes’ and offer a better standard of living, With a growing senior population in our area, there’s an unbelievable demand for advanced care, including end of life and in times of extreme need.”

– Jeff Tews and Susan Rather, Owners, BrightStar Senior Living – Madison, Wis.

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